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        Question about the weekly releases. Is there a way to get these using git?
        The packaged downloads are great, but it would be more convenient if we could just get an update to save downloading a new source tree every week or so.
        If this is possible could you outline how to do it, or point me in the direction of something that would help? I couldn’t find anything in the software section that outlined this.
        For those of us who would still like updates but are not in Commons labs at the moment this would be a big help.

        Thanks in advance, I miss you guys.

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          If you still have RosettaCommons GitHub access, the weekly releases are available under the weekly_releases branch namespace. For example to get the 2013 week 33 weekly release, you’d simply do something like “git fetch origin; git checkout -t origin/weekly_releases/2013-wk33”.

          If you don’t have access to the RosettaCommons git repository anymore, I do not believe we have any setup to allow for git access to the weekly releases. (As I understand things, Git & GitHub makes it hard to isolate access to just the weekly release branches.) Though as a RosettaCommons alumn, you may be able to negotiate read-only git access with your former PI, even if you might no longer have push privileges – though don’t quote me on that.

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