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        I am trying to run a abinitio model and I have a missing header pathway error. My first error I picked up is this when i ran the code from rosetta_demos/abinitio/

        core.scoring.ScoreFunctionFactory: SCOREFUNCTION PATCH: score12
        protocols.jobdist.JobDistributors: Looking for an available job: 1 1 1

        ERROR: [ERROR] invalid header input for kill_hairpins file.
        ERROR:: Exit from: src/core/scoring/SS_Killhairpins_Info.cc line: 375

        I looked into it and inserted some print statements around line 375 and it wasn’t getting there, the program stopped when it got to the header files. I have been compiling the file SS_Killhairpins_Info.cc and tracking all the header files, all of which have a pathway similar to core/scoring/SS_Killhairpins_Info.hh

        even though I know this is a very dumb way to do this but it is the only way I could think of is to manually add the begining of the pathway to /home/…core/scoring/SS_Killhairpins_Info.hh, I understand if I every move anything I’ll have to change all pathways that are linked to it and I’ve already spent several hours changing most of the files. It seems to be working to the point I haven’t edited but does anyone know how to make this work without manually changing the pathways since I might want to set up an addition computer with the same operating system and don’t want to have to do this again?

        Thanks for your help,


        os ubuntu 12.04 LTS
        rosetta 3.4 academic license

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          Bad news: This is not a C++ compilation problem – it’s not a problem with the headers in your _code_, or it would not have compiled. You probably need to undo all the header changing you’ve been doing.

          It’s a problem with the header (as in, the first few lines) of the kill_hairpins file you are passing to Rosetta.

          Good news: there appears to be a solution. http://www.rosettacommons.org/content/killhairpin-error#comment-4672 http://www.rosettacommons.org/content/abinitio-34-error-no-fragment-compute-secondary-structure#comment-5226

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