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        from tech support email:

        I’m very excited about the PyRosetta release. Great work!

        I’m struggling with getting the dependencies just right. First I tried installing on OS X 10.6 and was getting architecture related errors – which I’m guessing is 64 bit related and why you say 10.5 instead of 10.5+. Is there a way to run on 10.6?

        I’ve switched over to running Ubuntu (32 bit) in VMWare to try the linux install. At first I got errors about python 2.6. After installing 2.5, those errors went away, but I started getting the following:

        rosetta/ undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_AsWideChar

        this is during the initially import * while working through your tutorials.

        Any ideas? You don’t by any chance have a full linux environment with all dependencies that would be available for checkout?

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          (from tech support, posting for Sergey Lyskov)

          Hi Joe,

          It looks like the problem that you having is related to the fact
          that python libs on your system was build using slightly different
          flags. We have archives on our web site with adjusted libboost that I
          think could resolved your case. It located at:

          could you please try it and let us know if it worked?



          (from Joe)

          It worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

          I was on Ubuntu for a quick local test. My next step is to get setup on our lab’s CentOS machine. I’ll post my situation in the forums after I wrap that up.

          Thanks again :)

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            Thank you for libboost with UCS4! I was starting to compile python (and pull out my hair) when I saw this post.

            It turns out that although the python devs recommend using UCS2, leading many people to build their apps that way), all of the major linux distributions use UCS4 in their python binaries. One day maybe we will learn from the example of the Mars Climate Orbiter…

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