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        Hi everyone,

        Does anyone know of an easy method to set up PyRosetta (or a Python system path) to make the use of PyRosetta possible on a specific Python install in a Windows system?

        When installing PyRosetta on Unix, it seems to enable the main Python for the system to use PyRosetta. However, the Windows version seems coupled to the IPython it comes with. I’ve tried setting up a modified path so that my other versions of Python can import PyRosetta, but I’ve had no luck (the import process cannot find the _rosetta_utility_000 files, or whatever they are called).

        Essentially, what I want to do is, for a custom install of Python 2.5 somewhere else on a Windows machine, is type the following:

        import rosetta

        And have access to PyRosetta functionality. It may also make coupling PyRosetta with visualization programs like PyMol and Chimera easier, and I’ve seen interest in this in previous threads here.



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          Hi Krzysztof,

          No, there is no such methods and it will not happend in near future. Reason for this is that under Windows we use CygWin environment to run PyRosetta, not the native Windows python.

          Regarding PyMol: we preparing new release of PyRosetta in near future and it will contain PyRosetta-PyMol tools.


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