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        Hello everyone,

        I want to have some paper about using Plexpepdock to find binding site of peptite on its receptor (in my case) is protein. Some one can help me? I try to find but I get anything.
        Thank you so much !!!

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          FlexPepDock doesn’t predict peptide binding site. It models peptide once peptide is placed in the binding site.
          We have developed a protocol which does binding site prediction. Here is the paper:
          Detection of peptide-binding sites on protein surfaces: the first step toward the modeling and targeting of peptide-mediated interactions.
          Lavi A1, Ngan CH, Movshovitz-Attias D, Bohnuud T, Yueh C, Beglov D, Schueler-Furman O, Kozakov D.

          Use can use the server to run prediction:

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