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        Hi All,
        I’m having a problem sending individual energy terms to PyMOL. I’m using 2.011, and going directly from the tutorial:

        py = PyMOL_Mover()
        py.send_energy(p, “fa_sol”)

        This is the error that I get:
        PyMolMover.send_energy(PyMOL_Mover, Pose, str)
        did not match C++ signature:
        send_energy(protocols::moves::PyMolMover {lvalue}, core::pose::Pose , core::scoring::ScoreType stype=rosetta.core.scoring.__scoring_all_at_once_.ScoreType.end_of_score_type_enumeration)

        Any ideas as to what could be the problem? Thanks


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          Figured out the problem – The input isn’t a string, it’s just fa_sol, etc. Sergey/Brian – could you update the documentation?

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            Hi Jared, I have added extra function that take string for energy type, so now it should be possible to both specify it as enum and as plain string. All builds tarting with r46816 should have it.

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