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        able to build rosetta 2.3.0 with gcc, trying to do it with icc 10.1.

        I added icc 10.1 in tools/build/options.settings and scons starts properly but fails to compile even the first routine with the following message.scons:

        Building targets …
        icpc -o build/src/release/linux/2.6/64/x86/icc/numeric/constants.o -c -Wp64 -wd279 -ip -O3 -Qoption,c,-ip_ninl_max_stats=500 -Qoption,c,-ip_ninl_max_total_stats=5000 -std=c99 -Wp64 -wd279 -ip -O3 -Qoption,c,-ip_ninl_max_stats=500 -Qoption,c,-ip_ninl_max_total_stats=5000 -DNDEBUG -Isrc -Iexternal/include -Isrc/platform/linux/2.6/64/x86/icc -Isrc/platform/linux/2.6/64/x86 -Isrc/platform/linux/2.6/64 -Isrc/platform/linux/2.6 -Isrc/platform/linux -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/include src/numeric/
        sh: icpc: command not found

        However, my icc seems to work. I can compile other C programs, and I have sourced iccvars .sh and .csh in both .bashrc and .cshrc. By the way, I can even call icpc by hand, i.e. it is in my $PATH. Any suggestions ?

        Finally, I am using icc 10.1 because this is what I’ve installed on my box some time ago. Should I go back to 9.1 ?


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