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        Hi all,

        I want to show the structures by PyMOL_mover to PyMOL in another computer,so according to the tutorial by setting = #IP(where PyMOL is running) and = 65000,but after pymover.apply(pose),the pymol did’t show anything,(if PyRosetta and PyMOL run in the same computer,it works),have anyone met this problem,thanks a lot if you can help me!


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          Which two computers are you using, and how are they connected? (This is somewhat of a network-details question, so I understand if you don’t know.)

          One possibility is that there’s a firewall sitting between the two computers which is screening out packets to “unknown” ports. (Of which the PyMol_mover would qualify.) The firewall can be a separate machine, or it can be a program that’s running on either the sending or receiving machine. (I believe that Windows comes with a software firewall by default – I’m not sure if that will be an issue.) — Which operating system is running on each of the two computers you’re trying to connect?

          Another possibility is that the IP address you used doesn’t correspond to the actual IP address that the one computer is seeing the other computer. This can happen if the computers are using NAT (network address translation). There is an “internal” IP address that’s used on the local network only, and then there is an “external” address which is what things outside the network see. You can get the external IP address for the computer by searching for /what is my ip/ in Google. The external IP is not always what you want, though, NAT allows multiple computers to share the same IP by playing with the port numbers … which can be a problem if you’re directly entering IP addresses and port numbers. If the two computers are on the same network, you may wish to use the network-internal IP instead. — What are the first two “sections” of the IP address you’re trying to use (e.g. “192.168.*.*”) that should be suffice to helps track down if it’s an internal or external IP.

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