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        I am trying to execute the commands on pyrosetta 2 from tutorial .

        After executing the command pose = Pose (“1GFL.pdb”) I am getting the following errors :-

        ArgumentError Traceback (most recent call last)

        /examples/ in ()

        ArgumentError: Python argument types in
        Pose.__init__(Pose, str)
        did not match C++ signature:
        __init__(_object*, core::pose::Pose src, unsigned int residue_begin, unsigned int residue_end)
        __init__(_object*, core::pose::Pose src)

        Almost many of the commands that were working in version 1 does not work in version 2. Is there any other tutorials for version2

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          PyRosetta2 is much more closed to C++ Rosetta then the original version. As a result some parts of the tutorial became outdated. We working on bringing it to sync but it will take some time.

          In meanwhile please look in to test/* directory for various examples of usage. Here the recommended way of constructed a pose object:
          pose = pose_from_pdb(“test/data/test_in.pdb”)

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