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        Is there a user friendly interface that i can work on my computer, similar to that on rosie server?
        or the only option is to know how to program?


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          The closest thing we have to a GUI for Rosetta is the PyRosetta Toolkit GUI ( ) although the functionality that’s currently exposed by it is limited. (I don’t know if the Antibody protocol is supported, for instance.)

          Standard Rosetta runs don’t really need you to know how to program, although familiarity with a Unix/Linux commandline environment is a great help.

          Typically what people will do is find an example which does the protocol which they’re interested in (Supplemental Information from published papers are good for that, or you can take a look at the antibody_docking demo in the demos directory/download) then you modify the command lines and options files to use your input files and tweak slightly for your system. It’s not entirely as easy as a GUI system, but should should be doable once you get past the standard anxiety about using a command line.

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