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        I’ve attached a script I’ve written for pre-processing the rotamer energies and writing out to specific file formats. I am working on discrete optimization of side-chain configuration, which happens outside of Rosetta and requires building the backbone-dependent rotamer library and precalculating all single and pairwise rotamer energies.

        In particular I’m using the SPRINT package ( ) which stores energies in a format accepted by the FastInf inference package ( ); rotamer positions are also written out. The attached script may be a useful template for others to modify as necessary, e.g. for writing to other formats or constructing specialized objects for processing outside of Rosetta.

        The attached script should be renamed with a .py extension.


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          It looks like your script has been removed from the server.
          I can’t access it. Could you post it again if you drop by this place please ?

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