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        Two questions:

        What’s the best way to set up Rosetta for a site-wide installation? We install our software to an NFS-shared directory that is mounted by all our workstations, so I typically build the software directory in a cluttered, local working directory and install just the important bits to the NFS share. What are the important bits of the build? Everything in the $rosetta_source/build directory?

        For linux, I’m building static: ./ cxx=icc bin mode=release extras=static

        The bin directory looks like it’s just symlinks down the $rosetta_source/build path. The lib directory is empty. Do I need anything other than the static binaries in build/src/release/linux/2.6/32/x86/icc ?

        The FAQ says that 64-bit builds are not supported/recommended. Is that still true?


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          None of the developers are likely to have tried a site installation (to my knowledge).

          It looks like you’ve found what you need. The “important bits” are the release executeables, symlinks to which will land in the bin directory. (They’ll all end in “release”, like “FloppyTail.linuxiccrelease”.) The actual executeables are where you specified. The rest of the files in build are the library files, which aren’t particularly important with statically linked executeables.

          I use 64 bit for pretty much everything, and that’s true for a fair number of developers. I think you’re unlikely to see problems. Rosetta trajectories are supposed to be constant within hardware and RNG seed (and they are at the moment!), but you may see different trajectories with the same RNG seed if you change hardware.

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