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        I was using a script to docking that was working well. However, since yesterday when I try to run it results in segmentation fault and I did not make any changes.

        This is the message:
        >protocols.moves.RigidBodyMover: Translate: Jump (after): RT 0.576257 0.152478 -0.802918 -0.514635 0.830898 -0.211563 0.634885 0.535125 0.557282 -355.293 -215.158 268.295
        >protocols.docking.DockingInitialPerturbation: moving together failed. Aborting DockingSlideIntoContact.
        core.io.database: Database file opened: /opt/PyRosetta-Release1.0-r33175.linux.32Bit/minirosetta_database/Rama_smooth_dyn.dat_ss_6.4
        >Segmentation fault

        Any idea what the cause of this error?

        José Geraldo

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          I did some tests and realized that the segmentation fault occurs when calling the methods ShearMover or FragmentMover. When I use only the methods SmallMover, RigidBodyPerturbMover, RigidBodySpinMover, DockingLowRes and DockingHighRes the script works normally. But I still can not find the reason, because in another script ShearMover method works well.

          José Geraldo

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            For some reason still can not explain I changed my input pdb file. That has had a metal atom at the beginning of the sequence used in movemap, causing the error when I called fragmentmover or shearmover. Now I fix my pdb file and everything’s back to work.

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