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        Hello everyone,

        I would like to use the rosetta module for antibody modelling locally, which rosetta version is the best one?

        I am trying to install rosetta antibody modelling on my computer and I do not find the readme file clear enough, is there any more material about installation/running?

        thanks in advance

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          The antibody tools in Rosetta3 are still under active development. I don’t think they were prepared for 3.4. Some of them are in 3.5, which is ready but unreleased due to some backend problems. We’ll be going to weekly releases ASAP at which point I can put you in contact with their author to figure out the documentation holes.

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            I know the author, and he is getting everything ready for the next release. For now, I would use the ROSIE server ( http://rosettadock.graylab.jhu.edu ) , but the full applications for Rosetta3 should be done and released within the next few months.

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