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        Hello everybody.

        I read that the final step in the low-resolution part of a rosetta classic ab-initio protein fold prediction protol should be rescoring the obteined structures with the score4 in order to discriminate the native-like structures.

        Looking for this score4 I could find the following score4-like scores (both in the pyrosetta package and rosetta3.4 package): “score4L”, score4_smooth”, score4_smooth_cart”.
        In all papers I’ve read I could not find any references to any of them but only to “score4”. Does anybody know which this “score4” is?

        Thanks in advance

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          For ab-initio, you should be relaxing the resulting structures after abinitio in a full-atom scorefunction (score12). Then you want to cluster the structures + rescore them using the full-atom scorefunction, if you don’t have the scores from the relax step. For clustering, I would recommend calibur. Its quick and easy

          In the C++ application, this is known as Ab-Relax. To do this in PyRosetta, create + run a fastrelax instance after you bring the model to all-atom + repack:

          rel = FastRelax(scorefxn)

          Hope this helps

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            You want score4L. score4L is 5 years old and is thus related to the original algorithm…the others are newer and are used for variants other than classic ab initio.

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              oh! i just realized the score4L is a patch file……which score is it meant to be added to? anybody knows?

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                grepping the codebase strongly suggests cen_std.

                env 1.0
                pair 1.0
                cbeta 1.0
                vdw 1.0

                hbond_lr_bb = 1.0
                hbond_sr_bb = 1.0
                rama = 0.1
                chainbreak = 1.0
                rg = 2.0

                There is basically no overlap between these term sets, so they’ll place nicely.

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