Why there are two outputs using pmut_scan_parallel.linuxgccrelease with a mutant list file?

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        Dear friends,
        I am using pmut_scan_parallel.linuxgccrelease to mutate a residue with a mutant list file. There are two PDB outputs for the point mutant. The two outputs are of slight difference at the mutated region. Can I ask why there are two outputs, and which one should I choose?

        The original PDB and two outputs are attached.

        My command line is:
        ~/Cheng/rosetta_2014.30.57114_bundle/main/source/bin/pmut_scan_parallel.linuxgccrelease -database ~/Cheng/rosetta_2014.30.57114_bundle/main/database -s /home/lanselibai/Cheng/test/input/original.pdb -ex1 -ex2 -extrachi_cutoff 1 -use_input_sc -ignore_unrecognized_res -no_his_his_pairE -multi_cool_annealer 10 -mute basic core -output_mutant_structures -mutants_list /home/lanselibai/Cheng/test/input/mutants_list.txt

        Thank you.

        Yours sincerely

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          What does your mutants_list.txt file look like? (And your log file.) I’m guessing it’s (accidentally) telling pmut_scan to make a “double” mutant where the two mutations happen to be the same. The slight differences are just because of the stochastic packing/minimization procedure used in relaxing the mutant.

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            Hi R Moretti,
            I just tested on our cluster with 1) without “-double_mutant_scan”, and 2) with “-double_mutant_scan”

            So superising, in both cases, there is only one output for each mutant I specified in the file.

            I am not sure why it happened differently previously on Ubuntu. But do not worry. This has been solved now.

            Thank you.

            Yours sincerely

            The command line I am using is:

            # part of the .sh file for cluster job submission:
            pmut_scan_parallel.linuxgccrelease -s /home/ucbechz/Scratch/20141119_4_mutants/input/C226S.pdb -ex1 -ex2 -extrachi_cutoff 1 -use_input_sc -ignore_unrecognized_res -no_his_his_pairE -multi_cool_annealer 10 -mute basic core -output_mutant_structures -double_mutant_scan -mutants_list /home/ucbechz/Scratch/20141119_4_mutants/input/mutants_list.txt -constant_seed -jran 11111111 > 4_mutant.log

            The mutants file is:
            L L 50 K
            H K 133 M
            H K 65 M
            H S 75 K

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              Hi Cheng,

              Do you get also log file with ddG scores?

              When I am using same method, I get two mutations pdbs but without energy score:

              protocols.pmut_scan.PointMutScanDriver: go(): master node

              protocols.pmut_scan.PointMutScanDriver: mutation   mutation_PDB_numbering   average_ddG   average_total_energy

              protocols.pmut_scan.PointMutScanDriver: main(): whole protocol took 6.31 seconds

              protocols.pmut_scan.PointMutScanDriver: go(): DONE with pmut scan.

              and pdbs I get are:



              and I am using mutant file

              H W 33 A

              H K 59 A

              is there anything wrong in my script?

              pmut_scan_parallel.linuxclangrelease  -s ab_complex.pdb -ex1 -ex2 -extrachi_cutoff 1 -use_input_sc -ignore_unrecognized_res -no_his_his_pairE -multi_cool_annealer 10 -mute basic core -output_mutant_structures -mutants_list mutant.txt -constant_seed -jran 11111111 | tee double-mutant.log

              kind regards


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